Eclipse hangs at startup showing only the splash screen

Today my Eclipse Galileo hung at start up. After trying some tricks such as eclipse -clean, or eclipse -debug -console, searching for hints in the log files, removing xulrunner from the java.library.path environment, deleting some of the most recent history files and so on I found the solution. In your workspace directory perform the following steps:

  1. cd .metadata/.plugins
  2. mv org.eclipse.core.resources org.eclipse.core.resources.bak
  3. Start eclipse. (It should show an error message or an empty workspace because no project is found.)
  4. Close all open editors tabs.
  5. Exit eclipse.
  6. rm -rf org.eclipse.core.resources (Delete the newly created directory.)
  7. mv org.eclipse.core.resources.bak/ org.eclipse.core.resources (Restore the original directory.)
  8. Start eclipse and start working. :-)
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149 Responses to Eclipse hangs at startup showing only the splash screen

  1. fisher says:

    I’ve got this saved so that every 2 months when this happens i don’t lose half a day of work trying to remember the steps! thanks!

  2. Debu says:

    Thanks. I also faced the same problem and this solution worked perfectly. Really a big help.

  3. GClarkB says:

    Thanks a bunch. This worked great. I am using the STS version of eclipse from SpringSource, and it was hanging on startup every time. Your solution worked for me.

  4. Christer Bernérus says:

    Thanks. You saved my day!

  5. Renaud says:

    Thank you!

  6. James says:

    Thanks! This one really helped without loosing any settings.

  7. Daling says:

    Thanks!! This one helps me lot.

  8. Awesome says:

    Saved my life… almost :)

  9. Sten says:

    I think u can use
    eclipse -clean -clearPersistedState

    (from <a href="; title="SOF")
    too. It is a little bit easier ;)

  10. Alfonso Mateos says:

    Thaks a lot! You saved me a lot of time!

  11. anu says:

    Thanks.. perfectly worked for me too.

  12. jim says:

    You rock!!!!

  13. jim says:

    Just want to add that this works in Eclipse Luna

  14. Cole Markham says:

    Thanks for the post, really helped me out. I also found this bug report and added this workaround and a link back here so hopefully it can be fixed (4 years later).

  15. sree kumar says:


    Worked :)

  16. BalaG says:

    I had to use both soluctions to fix my eclipse hang problem.
    eclipse -clean -clearPersistedState

  17. BalaG says:

    You saved my day !!!!!!!!!!! Great !!!!!!!!!

  18. Mc says:

    This is amazing, I defaulted to reinstalling eclipse the last time this happened because I just had to get work done, but this is way better!!!

    Could you explain what this does, and how you figured it out?

    Please & Thanks :)

  19. Tomas says:

    Thanks Olaf, your step-by-step tutorial worked smoothly and saved me a lot of anger ;-)

  20. Siya says:


  21. Prasanna says:


    Thanks. It saved my day.

  22. ganesh says:

    I am facing same problem while starting the eclipse kepler first time. No workspace setup.

  23. Mohamed Ashik says:

    Thanks alot!

  24. Frustrated says:

    A good instruction. I’m so frustrated with Eclipse IDE. I got the new “Luna” release hoping things would get better but it was actually the other way around. Crashing and deadlocks are happening all the time. “Remote system operations” are freezing the whole editor at startup. Building projects automatically takes forever at startup and Java-memory consumption is crazy high. I saw 15 million I/O operations just for starting the IDE and then I had to kill it because it went deadlock after awhile. Actually Kepler was more stable.

  25. aditya says:

    Its Works great…………….

  26. aditya richhariya says:

    It Works Great!

  27. Rolf says:

    As it didn’t work for me in Eclipse Luna, i searched for another one and found a working soluting:

    rm YOUR_PROJECT_DIR/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.snap

  28. Carsten Otto says:

    Thank you :)

  29. Joan says:

    Amazing, saved my day!! Thanks!

  30. Thanks alot. its proved to be very very helpful for me.

  31. Amelia says:

    Thank you so much! 100% worked, even for Eclipse Luna :)

  32. Andrew says:

    Had to restart twice for last step. But works after that.

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  34. Prakash Kumar Dubey says:

    I’m facing same problem. But i’m not able to find workspace of eclipse. Where it is created? Please Reply. Thank You.

  35. Klerisson says:

    Works like a charm!!

  36. Yasir says:

    Thanks … worked perfectly :)

  37. Chris says:


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  39. Worked with ADT as well.
    It was indeed an open editor that was hanging eclipse on start.
    I wonder how many times I re-installed eclipse in the past to get around this.
    It starts happening when “autosave dirty editors” is enabled.
    Dirty, dirty editors.

  40. Susheel says:

    Great bro.

    Since yeaterday i was strugling with my Luna IDE. its working fine now

  41. Madhuri says:

    Thanks a Lot! Just what i needed

  42. Yong says:

    Not work for Luna,,, hmmm….

  43. Sean says:

    Oh my god thank you so much for this.

  44. Ashok says:

    Thanks a lot……… u rocks man :)

  45. Luís says:

    Unfortunatelly, this handy fix is no longer a solution with Luna.

  46. karthik karuppannan says:

    another simple solution is to remove the .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.e4.workbench folder

  47. JnMan says:

    Thanks !!!!

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