Eclipse hangs at startup showing only the splash screen

Today my Eclipse Galileo hung at start up. After trying some tricks such as eclipse -clean, or eclipse -debug -console, searching for hints in the log files, removing xulrunner from the java.library.path environment, deleting some of the most recent history files and so on I found the solution. In your workspace directory perform the following steps:

  1. cd .metadata/.plugins
  2. mv org.eclipse.core.resources org.eclipse.core.resources.bak
  3. Start eclipse. (It should show an error message or an empty workspace because no project is found.)
  4. Close all open editors tabs.
  5. Exit eclipse.
  6. rm -rf org.eclipse.core.resources (Delete the newly created directory.)
  7. mv org.eclipse.core.resources.bak/ org.eclipse.core.resources (Restore the original directory.)
  8. Start eclipse and start working. :-)
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151 Responses to Eclipse hangs at startup showing only the splash screen

  1. José Ernesto Lara Rodríguez says:

    @Luís I’m using Luna SR1 and it still works.

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